About us

KenFu Construction Company Limited was established in 1998. Since that time we have been constantly working hard in order to build up a reputation and win our customers’ confidence. Now, KenFu Construction Company Limited is a professional construction manufacturer in Taiwan providing services of design, development, production and installation.

We specialize in wooden doors, wooden frames, plywood, wooden flooring, wooden cabinet doors, construction moldings and skirting boards. With years of exporting experience to Japan, we are proud to be able to provide good quality, competitive prices and efficient services to you.

We continuously improve our quality control to supply our customers with products of high quality, and enhance our capability of developing new products as well.

We sincerely look forward to receiving any inquiry from you and establish a long-term business relationship on a win-win achievement.

Made in Taiwan
Each of our products is made in Taiwan. Geography and subtropical weather make Taiwan a source of quality timber. Accesses to other great lumber and new technology are also easy because of its proximity and convenient transportation to nearby subtropical countries. Therefore, we insist operating and manufacturing in Taiwan due to not only these geographical advantages, but also the promise to our customers to provide the best products and services. We continuously devote ourselves to innovation and exchange know-how with manufactures in other countries. The words “Made in Taiwan” on our products not only mean our dedication to research and development but also guaranteed quality.
Each of our products can be customized. We have plenty of configurations and designs that satisfy our customers’ needs; however, if you want to add some uniqueness to your purchases, you can have them customized. From fixtures, styles, sizes, to wood types, you choose a basic structure from our catalog and have it finished with personalized details that you require on it. You can even bring your sketch and our outstanding design team will do the rest based on your specific needs. With our customization services, you can ensure what you get is exactly what you look for.
Reasonable Price
Each of our products is available at a reasonable price. All employees in KenFu are professionals with years of experience in the construction industry. We know how to manufacture cost-effectively. We have excellent materials, advanced equipment and techniques, and skilled and experienced craftsmen so that our products are reliable in safety and quality, aesthetic in appearance, and, more importantly, available at reasonable prices.
Each of our products is built to last. You can rest assured that every purchase you make at KenFu is of the best value. We periodically do market survey and collect feedback from our customers, and we are proud to see the result that we are a highly recognized manufacturer both domestically and internationally.